Monday, August 29, 2011

Our final day's work

All the children from the streets loved for us to take their pictures and then show them on our camera. They would all giggle when they saw themselves.

This was so sweet, the little boy only had one sucker and he was sharing with his sister.

One of the children we got to bless on our chicken run.

Here is where we crossed the border to go into Haiti everyday.

Group shot with some of the staff here. They are some of the most amazing people!

Lukesaint is a sweet boy, he rode along with us on some of our chicken runs.

These boys love Murad!

Here is the motorcycle donated to Danita's Children and Bill and Blake will be able to ride across the border to take sick children to the hospital or pick up needed supplies instead of walking a half hour to their home.

Well, we have completed our last full day's work with the folks at Danita's Children. Some of the team were blessed with a ride across the border in the back of Jude's 3 wheeler motorcycle and the rest of the team crossed on foot. The walkers took the opportunity to go by the United Nations field compound and take some pictures. The U.N. guys are from Uruguay and we've enjoyed jawing with them everyday. When we arrived at Danita's we were greeted by the usual cast of characters such as Elton John aka naked boy and his entourage outside the gate. Inside we meet the like's of Spider Man aka Moses, Wild Willie, Francimene, Samson, Witson, and the like. We have become very attached to them and each of us have some that we are particularly attached to.
Our duties included continuing the cutting of the material for the kids uniforms, finishing the rock wall for the flower bed in the girls compound, amending the soil and replanting the flower beds, and of course spending time with the kids. We visited another orphanage today as well where Emily lives. She works with the kids at both orphanages and handles most of there medical treatments. She has been known to treat as many as 30 to 40 kids a day and she does it with such love and patience.

The highlight of the day came after lunch when we were able to bless Danita's Children with a brand new motorcycle. Motorcycles are the primary mode of transportation in Haiti and you would be amazed to see how creative the Haitians are at loading them down with 3 or 4 people, groceries, parts and supply's. We even saw one guy sitting on a door while driving his motorcycle. The motorcycle for Danita's will be used to get the staff to and from all of the many places they need to be. They will use it to run for food and supply's, trips to the hardware store, transferring people from place to place and perhaps the most important thing they will do with it is transporting sick children to and from the local hospitals for urgent medical care.

All in all it was another full day with Danita's children and just like everyday, we leave physically and emotionally spent. In spite of the sense of exhaustion, I know that there is not a single member of the team that would want it any other way.

Kevin King


Ted K. said...

How great is our God! We will pray for safe travels back. We look forward to hearing more stories and seeing more photos. God bless.

Kaela said...

I love these pictures!! Thanks for sharing guys! Miss you all, glad your trip is going well. Looks like a great experience!